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Raise your hand if you think Al Gore is a whiner
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From: SuperBombMan | Posted: 11/26/00 8:35:23 PM | Mark for Moderation
Man, politicians just make me mad. First, Al Gore loses the original election, he calls for a recount. Loses again, calls for a recount. Loses yet again, calls for yet another recount. Now he ''officially'' lost, and Bushy is president. They say (Gore) that they will contest the ruling on multiple ''grounds''. You can guarantee that he wouldn't have challenged ANY of the decisions had he won. Note to Al Gore-SHUT UP! YOU LOST! I lost any amount of respect I had for him a long time ago. He just keeps whining, whining, whining again. George Bush isn't much better, though, he would have contested the rulings if he would have been behind. Why doesn't he accept the fact that he lost? Sure, he won the popular vote, but now he says it needs to be changed. I remember that at the beginning of this fiasco he said he would stand behind the decisions of the system since he is already in place. HYPOCRITE. He didn't. What a surprise. Also, George Bush in his winning speech just a few minutes ago, dragged on and on before finally saying what he should have said at the beginning: I will accept my duties. Wow! Really? You aren't going to contest that ruling? Cool! Just end this whine-fest!
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From: Hawk45 | Posted: 11/26/00 8:39:40 PM | Mark for Moderation
One of the reasons that I despise democrats.
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From: Hawk45 | Posted: 11/26/00 8:40:47 PM | Mark for Moderation
Maybe ''despise'' is too strong of a word.

But for that reason mainly, is why I don't like democrats.
War good. A-bomb even better.
From: wallywest80 | Posted: 11/26/00 8:43:10 PM | Mark for Moderation
gore lost he better get used to it and move on........

wally''the fastest gun in the''westâ„¢
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From: GeoX | Posted: 11/26/00 8:49:48 PM | Mark for Moderation
Hello, pot, this is kettle. Please note what colour both of you seem to be.
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From: wallywest80 | Posted: 11/26/00 8:53:23 PM | Mark for Moderation
well i'm a blue pot ...a pot that holds a plant as for the kettle...well we are different colors :P
wally''the fastest gun in the''westâ„¢
Sexy redneck of the CoS =P
From: Biohazard01 | Posted: 11/26/00 8:53:27 PM | Mark for Moderation
From: AmanDK64 | Posted: 11/26/00 8:55:51 PM | Mark for Moderation
GeoX-what the hell?
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From: AmanDK64 | Posted: 11/26/00 8:57:01 PM | Mark for Moderation
And no. Despise is not a strong word. Hate is a strong word. And after what has happened in election 2000, I have grown to hate democrats for their stubborn and whiny attitudes.
I am the prince of all saiyans once again!-Vegeta DBZ
From: Cecil | Posted: 11/26/00 9:38:50 PM | Mark for Moderation
*raises hand*

I wait for Vader and his minions...I mean Nader to conquer this country with his stormtroopers...I mean voters.....Err
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From: VolatileHamster | Posted: 11/26/00 9:57:18 PM | Mark for Moderation
yikes! Democrats and Republicans seem to hate each other so much that we might as well have another civil war!
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From: pepper2000 | Posted: 11/26/00 9:57:37 PM | Delete this message
Both Bush and Gore are whiners. It's sad that one of these clowns will be our President.
Just remember. We're laughing with you, not at you.

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