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Does this girl like me?
From: rpgfan123 | Posted: 6/5/2004 9:28:35 PM | Message Detail
JaiEuFroid: sorry, I apologize for all the stupid people on the message board where your sn was posted by some guy, just ignore them, bye
Xo KimMi oXo: aww thank u ur the only cool onee
Xo KimMi oXo: i dnt even kno the kid
Xo KimMi oXo: which is funni
JaiEuFroid: yeah, they are all a bunch of geeks
Xo KimMi oXo: so y r u imingg mee
JaiEuFroid: just to tell you why there are so many people iming you
JaiEuFroid: i didn;t know if you knew or not
Xo KimMi oXo: i kno noww but seriouslyy i knoo sean gavin or w.e but i never talked to him so i dnoo y he hates me n would post my sn
JaiEuFroid: it is probably a fake name, I can't link you to the topic, becuase you need an account that has been active for a long time to see it, they will get bored after a while
Xo KimMi oXo: aritee thankss:-)
JaiEuFroid: alright bye
When 10 year old screaming girls appear at Godspeed You! Black Emperor shows, you can thank Mary-Kate and Ashley
From: Master23 | Posted: 6/5/2004 9:29:31 PM | Message Detail
shes not online
From: sALTmAN | Posted: 6/5/2004 9:31:08 PM | Message Detail
Most of these aren't even funny...

at least telll us what happened to him...parents and such
OK, he posted this topic, and random people started IMing her. I'm not sure why, but at this moment her dad was right behind her, watching. So the dad got pissed at AK.
She didn't say anything to him yet. I talked to him, and he realized that she, for being and idiot and not blocking the people, deserved this garbage she's getting. He feels better, but is still sans an account.
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From: lone socialist | Posted: 6/5/2004 9:32:26 PM | Message Detail
Lives ruined. Absolutely beautiful.



our president is not chosen by the voters of the US. He is chosen by the associated press and the united press international
From: OMG Superevil | Posted: 6/5/2004 9:34:56 PM | Message Detail
meh she blocked me ;-;
Darkness consumes all.
From: thug4life | Posted: 6/5/2004 9:37:26 PM | Message Detail
its a guy make believe u think hes a girl ULTIMATE PUNK'D
Having sex with a fat woman is like riding a moped.. its cool until your friends find out.
From: KetchupDude41589 | Posted: 6/5/2004 10:14:56 PM | Message Detail
shazbotian2000: hi
Xo KimMi oXo: tell me ur from that aim board thingg
shazbotian2000: what?
shazbotian2000: what aim board thing?
Xo KimMi oXo: who is this
shazbotian2000: it's john
Xo KimMi oXo: o
Xo KimMi oXo: haha nvm
shazbotian2000: so wuts up?
Xo KimMi oXo: wait john whoo
shazbotian2000: brb

Like stars in my belly going supernova...
From: dyingeunuch | Posted: 6/5/2004 10:17:21 PM | Message Detail
From: sephy450 | Posted: 6/5/2004 10:20:56 PM | Message Detail
This is not a tag
G-Man didn't just wake up one morning and say "Hey! I think I'll stretch my anus to the diameter of a small asteroid today!" - K Project
From: KetchupDude41589 | Posted: 6/5/2004 10:26:04 PM | Message Detail
ketchupdude41589: hi
Xo KimMi oXo: listen tell me wut the link iss to that aim board thingg
ketchupdude41589: www.******.cx
ketchupdude41589: that what ur looking for1?
ketchupdude41589: i think it is
Xo KimMi oXo: yea thnx
ketchupdude41589: that'll quench ur thirst!
ketchupdude41589: it's like sprite
ketchupdude41589: or is that sierra mist....
Xo KimMi oXo: ?
ketchupdude41589: wouldn't you like a nice can of buttsex
ketchupdude41589: how about diet buttsex?
ketchupdude41589: caffeiene free?
ketchupdude41589: buttsex vanilla?
ketchupdude41589: buttsex twist?
ketchupdude41589: buttsex livewire?
ketchupdude41589: code red buttsex?

I've run out of AIM accounts...but it was fun for that limited amount of time.
Like stars in my belly going supernova...
From: thug4life | Posted: 6/5/2004 10:36:17 PM | Message Detail
Having sex with a fat woman is like riding a moped.. its cool until your friends find out.
From: Crono Ownz You | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:10:44 AM | Message Detail
I'm surprised that she hasn't blocked all of you by now. But as long as she is giving you guys the time of day, you might as well milk it for all it's worth!
The only thing that could delay Half Life 2 any further would be a nuclear explosion in the general vicinity of where it is being developed. - abazaba
From: Rabid Banana | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:27:32 AM | Message Detail
Wally West: Hey, that's a giant dinosaur!
Alfred: And I thought Master Bruce was the detective.
From: Awkward Silence | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:33:13 AM | Message Detail
; (
man, she's not on. I feel like annoying people too, 'tis a shame.
Awkward Silence
Come on baby, don't fear the reaper...
From: thug4life | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:33:23 AM | Message Detail
Gus2089 have fun
Having sex with a fat woman is like riding a moped.. its cool until your friends find out.
From: thug4life | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:33:26 AM | Message Detail
Gus2089 have fun
Having sex with a fat woman is like riding a moped.. its cool until your friends find out.
From: ShAuN the 1337 | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:42:48 AM | Message Detail
#AngryPenguins on GameSurge
From: Suileifeidong2 | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:43:50 AM | Message Detail
ah maybe this topic ain't gonna reach 500 maybe some where 400 but maybe not 500
From: thug4life | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:45:04 AM | Message Detail
it would hgelp if some poeple would post otehrs sns so they could get P"Wned
Having sex with a fat woman is like riding a moped.. its cool until your friends find out.
From: ryan nyquist | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:50:11 AM | Message Detail
The topic creator's banned....why?!
I'm too 1337 for my shirt, too 1337 for this topic, too 1337, it hurts.
From: JoeyStyles66 | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:54:10 AM | Message Detail
major taggage
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From: thug4life | Posted: 6/6/2004 11:55:38 AM | Message Detail
He closed hi sn to get us tp stop the girl
Having sex with a fat woman is like riding a moped.. its cool until your friends find out.
From: kingfinn | Posted: 6/6/2004 12:02:30 PM | Message Detail
User Name AK4701
User ID 936563
Board User Level -2: Banned
User has been banned from posting messages for one or more Terms of Service violations.


My dad's a mod...
It really sucks, cuz everytime I post LUEshi get grounded for a month =( - Super Tails Kirby
From: duckmandrake | Posted: 6/6/2004 12:09:30 PM | Message Detail
he's the last person who should be banned, unless he's clever and did this on purpose. I doubt that though.
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. - orlock
From: JS21kryptonite | Posted: 6/6/2004 12:21:33 PM | Message Detail
Leila: "Bender, why are you spending so much time in the bathroom? Are you jacking on in there?"
Bender: "No! Don't come in!"
From: deathbyrice03 | Posted: 6/6/2004 1:28:24 PM | Message Detail
oh ****! we've got xO swEetbAbiJeNn's cell number.

I wont say it because it could be against the TOS, but tis in her away message
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From: Haunter12O | Posted: 6/6/2004 1:34:55 PM | Message Detail
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
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